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Aloha. This is Kurt Hummel. I'm too busy to chat right now, but leave a message and I'll call you back when I'm done moisturising. Ciao!

[Feel free to contact here, either IC or OOC!. Kurt is also on Twitter @prancy_smurf. Mun can also be found on Twitter and AIM @shinypilot]


Saturday had felt forever in the coming, the rest of Kurt's week at McKinley dragging by at half the normal speed. Not even the things he normally loved - Glee club, and working with his dad at the shop - made time go any faster. It was as if the universe didn't want Saturday to ever arrive.

But, eventually, Kurt's alarm was going off on Saturday morning, even earlier than he'd normally have it set. He needed to make sure that he was perfect for his date with Blaine. Not that the word date had ever been used, but... Kurt couldn't help but think of it that way. He'd been brushing up on his signing skills ever since the day they met, forcing his dad to sign with him, digging out the old books they'd bought back before his mom had passed away. He didn't want his lack of knowledge to be a barrier between himself and the handsome boy he'd befriended.

After nearly two hours of getting himself presentable, Kurt finally left the house, forgoing breakfast. He was too excited, too nervous, to consider eating anything. His stomach was full with butterflies. On the short drive over to Blaine's place, he kept catching glimpses of himself in the rearview mirror, convincing himself again and again that he looked okay, that Blaine wouldn't find anything unattractive about him.

And then, finally, he was there, pulling up in front of the house. Taking a deep breath and smoothing down his jacket one last time, Kurt made the short walk up the path to the front door, and rang on the bell.
Kurt had been happily unpacking Blaine's clothes when he'd got the message. And, for once, it turns his attention completely from getting the garments on hangers before the creases set in too deep. There are still shirts strewn across their new mattress when he leaves the apartment, jogging for the subway and the first train back to Bushwick.

"I'm here!" he yells as he bursts through the door, looking around for his sister. "Kira? Where are you?"

For blainewanderson: Time to Share

Kurt's noticed, even if Blaine's been trying his best to hide things from him. This is the man he intends to marry, for God's sake, he knows him inside out. Every smile, every emotion behind his eyes, every taste to his lips. He recognises the stale taste of alcohol when they kiss, or when Blaine's smiles don't radiate out as far as his eyes. But no matter how many times he's tried to bring the topic up, he's never managed to get anywhere. Whatever effect the shooting's had on his partner, he's not planning on sharing any time soon.

Clearly, he's got to make himself clearer.

That's why he's waiting in his dad's kitchen that afternoon, expecting Blaine to come over any minute. In the middle of the table, he's sat a massive chocolate cake, covered in gooey fudge icing, absolutely full of calories. Just the kind of thing Blaine absolutely loves. He hopes the prop will help him make his plea.


[Waiting for you to wake up.]


Feb. 24th, 2013

Screw 'sorry', 'goodbye''s the hardest word.



warblingprince requested: Wes and Kurt, Wes super lawyer after paps are harassing." Follows on directly from this. Very hand-wavey, sorry, law is not my area of expertise (especially not US law!).

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[Knocking on his apartment door, keyless]



blainewanderson requested: “Kurt, future, designer sees pictures of his husband and 3 children from their private backyard in a tabloid. What does he do?”

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Not fully concluded as it leads on nicely to warblingprince's lawyer!Wes prompt. Which I shall do over the weekend :D

Also I hope I didn't butcher Blaine too bad.


blainewanderson requested: “Kurt’s pov, honeymoon, London, first night, wedding night, Blaine has just fallen asleep but Kurt is still awake.”

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